Bankstown & Sydney Acceptance Refugee Center

Bankstown Acceptance Refugee Center is a community agency that provides human and social services to asylum seekers, refugees, and immigrants. We have been doing this work for a considerable duration and our experience is vast. We work hand in hand with the local community that supports our work in various ways.

We provide many different forms of support to needy immigrants including education and counseling, social support and outreach, and handling of resettlement processes.

Our Mission

We aim at promoting the social welfare and development of the community by imparting useful information to all our dependants. Our mission is supported by a series of services that include:

  1. Guidance and counseling
  2. Education and information
  3. General support and outreach services
  4. Refugee and immigrant resettlement services

A Quick Look At Our Support Programs

  • Guidance and counseling: Our agency offers guidance and counseling support to all refugees and immigrants. Our services are carefully modified to address the specific issues that might face the different groups and individuals we deal with. We have sufficient capacity to adequately address the mental and psychological challenges that are common with troubled immigrants.
  • Education and information: We also educate the community and raise awareness of different social issues that might affect them. The education programs extend to both the immigrants and the immediate community that receives them. Our educational programs are meant to provide useful information that can help our dependants have a better life in their new environment.
  • General support and outreach services: Our agency also extends general support to the refugee and immigrant community. We help them navigate the new culture by helping them understand and observe local laws and regulations. We also provide them with guidance in instances where local institutions are involved. In general, we make the process of integration into the new society smooth.
  • Refugee and immigrant resettlement services: Resettlement is a crucial transitional process for all immigrants. Bankstown Acceptance Refugee Center facilitates resettlement of immigrants to various areas. We ensure that the transitional process is reliable and convenient for our clients.

Our Vision

We aspire to continue to be a center of hope, change, and success for all the communities and groups of people who go through our agency. We also hope to continue cooperating with our immediate community in various programs that help refugees and other needy immigrants. With a solid commitment and a clear mission guiding us, we can only expect to continue leaving a positive impact on the society around us.

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Truck Driver Training Ppportunities

Top Guidelines Of What Sort Of Hours Can I Expect?

Last Upgraded 18 August 2016 – Written by Glen Till Ending up being a truck motorist in Australia is rather simple in one way. You discover a driving school, sit the exam and get your licence. But the devil remains in the detail. The procedure can be complicated. Where do you start? What do you do when? How? Here are the 7 steps to arrive.

You can practice driving with a manager before you fulfill these requirements, however can’t sit any evaluations until you do. For a LR or MR licence, you should hold a cars and truck licence for at least a year. For a HR licence, you must hold a LR or MR for at least a year or an automobile licence for 2 years.

The Basic Principles Of What Does The Job Involve

And for an MC licence, you need to hold an HR or HC licence for a minimum of a year. So all up from no licence to a MC licence will take you a minimum of 4 years, generally longer. That is longer than going to medical school. 4 years is a long time.

Australia has a large number of heavy automobile driving schools. We listed Registered Heavy Vehicle Driving Schools in Australia. The Australian Motorist Trainers Assocation has over 500 schools in its directory site. So the problem is not so much discovering a school, unless you live far out in country or wilderness Australia.

Not known Facts About What Type Of Industry Can I Work In?

You look for a brand-new truck license Sydney in individual at your state road authority. Why? Due to the fact that it is hard to check your identity or check your eyesight without you existing. All states will evaluate your theoretical understanding. And most states will ask you to make a declaration about your medical physical fitness to drive or ask for a medical certificate if you are over a particular age or have a health condition.

The broad concept is the very same in all states but there are differences in the finer information. When you join your driving school, you get material that consists of everything you need to know for your theory test. truckie driver. This material is typically released by your state road authority. Here is an example for NSW – Heavy Car Motorist Handbook.

Getting The What Type Of Industry Can I Work In? To Work

Ensure you really study this things. Understanding the rules will not just help you pass your theory test but likewise help you pass your useful evaluation. This is the pricey bit you pay most for. You need a trainer and a truck and both are pricey. Costs vary from $600 to $2,400 per licence plus a hourly rate of $100 to $180 for extra training.

This is likewise the difficult bit considering that driving a truck is hard. Heavy cars are big and heavy and roads are not constructed for huge and heavy. Learning to drive this unknown truck within one to 3 days is no easy undertaking. In all of Australia except NSW your instructor can do your practical assessment if accredited to do so.

Unknown Facts About What Does The Job Involve

If they are not certified to examine you, you get examined by a 3rd celebration assessor. In NSW your fitness instructor is not permitted to evaluate you (truckie driver). Full stop. An independent assessor needs to test your useful abilities. Passing your useful does not get you your licence yet. You require to go back, pay the licence fee and have your image taken.

So this is a big minute. You got your licence for a new class. This is a new start for you. A pity that the next step is the hardest. If you are established with a trucking operator, maybe they even organised or spent for your training, then this one is a piece of toast.

5 Simple Techniques For What Does The Job Involve

However if you got your licence without a trucking business backing you, then this is the hardest bit. You need to find someone who will provide you the secrets to a truck. When you do, you normally got a more knowledgeable motorist monitoring you for a week or 2. That is rather an investment and rather a threat.

Or you might cause a mishap and create an even bigger problem. Some trucking operators only hire skilled drivers – ever – for these factors. That is why it is so tough to find your first trucking job. Utilize The MR Truck License  the networks you have. Don’t provide up. A lot of truckies will inform you to simply be relentless.

Unknown Facts About What Type Of Industry Can I Work In?

Not to take No for a response. Every truckie was a brand-new driver at some phase and went through the same difficult times. Doors do open, even if it is actually difficult sometimes. CHECKED OUT MORE.

I utilized to have a great deal of information on the truck driving scene for OZ however after I contacted the transportation people out there and absolutely nothing came of the 100 test cases they were going to confess we sacked it and concerned Canada instead. If I can find any of the info I had I’ll post it or it may even be onhthe trucking forum someplace as it was rather a while earlier.

Some Known Facts About What Does The Job Involve.

driving incomes down, harmful inexperienced motorists on the roads, poor salaries will stop locals from entering into the market etc etc simply the exact same as what they say about the poles in the UK or the abroad drivers concerning Canada. It all bollx of course they reason there is such a shortage of drivers in these countries is due to the fact that the task is so unattractive to the children they cant get the younger generation into the market easy as but the unions wont confess to that in OZ so there is still a shortage and they say they will fill the gaps with young OZ drivers, obviously they never ever will coz they do not wish to bloody do it.

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Thanks You To Our Sponsors Sydney South Driving School in Liverpool NSW

Driving School in Liverpool has  partnered with Bankstown Acceptance Refugee Center program in June 2018.

Sydney South Driving School assists with the program by providing a car and qualified driving instructors around Liverpool to assist in training new mentors and volunteer time to help on the program with new learner drivers.



Driving School Liverpool Center
248/64 Copeland St
Liverpool NSW 2170
Phone:(02) 8776 1815

Driving Lessons that will not Break the Bank.

This Liverpool Driving School provides a professional door to door service with quality courses at competitive costs

Hourly Lessons and Discounted Block Bookings — visit site

We also offer a host of classes for students of all abilities —

  • Driving assessments for those looking to accompany a student driver
  • Assessments for older drivers
  • Refresher courses if you’ve spent some time from the driving seat
  • Pass Plus training to Develop skills and reduced insurance costs
  • Intensive classes to fast-track you toward gaining a license
  • Rescue courses if you’ve failed a test or not feeling confident

We Need You!Train with us to be a Driving Instructor

  • Be accountable for costs using an hourly pay-as-you-train scheme
  • Our training techniques will ensure you are fully prepared to teach

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