Bankstown Acceptance Refugee Center is a community agency that provides human and social services to asylum seekers, refugees, and immigrants. We have been doing this work for a considerable duration and our experience is vast. We work hand in hand with the local community that supports our work in various ways.

We provide many different forms of support to needy immigrants including education and counseling, social support and outreach, and handling of resettlement processes.

Our Mission

We aim at promoting the social welfare and development of the community by imparting useful information to all our dependants. Our mission is supported by a series of services that include:

  1. Guidance and counseling
  2. Education and information
  3. General support and outreach services
  4. Refugee and immigrant resettlement services

A Quick Look At Our Support Programs

  • Guidance and counseling: Our agency offers guidance and counseling support to all refugees and immigrants. Our services are carefully modified to address the specific issues that might face the different groups and individuals we deal with. We have sufficient capacity to adequately address the mental and psychological challenges that are common with troubled immigrants.
  • Education and information: We also educate the community and raise awareness of different social issues that might affect them. The education programs extend to both the immigrants and the immediate community that receives them. Our educational programs are meant to provide useful information that can help our dependants have a better life in their new environment.
  • General support and outreach services: Our agency also extends general support to the refugee and immigrant community. We help them navigate the new culture by helping them understand and observe local laws and regulations. We also provide them with guidance in instances where local institutions are involved. In general, we make the process of integration into the new society smooth.
  • Refugee and immigrant resettlement services: Resettlement is a crucial transitional process for all immigrants. Bankstown Acceptance Refugee Center facilitates resettlement of immigrants to various areas. We ensure that the transitional process is reliable and convenient for our clients.

Our Vision

We aspire to continue to be a center of hope, change, and success for all the communities and groups of people who go through our agency. We also hope to continue cooperating with our immediate community in various programs that help refugees and other needy immigrants. With a solid commitment and a clear mission guiding us, we can only expect to continue leaving a positive impact on the society around us.

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