Refugee Film Festival

Posted on Tuesday 24/5/2011

Posted by Tracy Jones

This is an open invitation to anyone who would like to go tothis Brisbane screening of the 2011 Refugee Film Festival.

It is in its fifth year.

This year's Refugee Film Festival runs for 87 minutes.

It includes a Brisbane charity Footsteps forBurma's "Burma to Brisbane" documentary.

"Burma to Brisbane" follows the resettlement journey offive Karen former refugees from Burma who now live in Brisbane as permanentAustralian residents.

All money raised at our Brisbane screening will buy food andmedicine for displaced people from Burma as part of our Eating on the Runcampaign (

Footsteps for Burma is travelling to the Thai/Burma borderin June to buy and deliver food, medicine and mosquito nets to displaced peoplefrom Burma.

Please RSVP to Tracy Jones at

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Posted on Tuesday 24/5/2011

Posted by Tracy Jones

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